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Materials, Services and Structure – a Comprehensive Study

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This course concentrates on understanding and applying the principles of building structures, building materials and construction technology, environmental controls and building services, in an advanced level of integrated architectural design, geared to the local context. It is especially useful for students/graduates who have not received a local architectural training. This course also prepares students to be equipped with basic ground for the HKIA professional assessment. However, it does not replace the HKIA lectures related to assessment.

The students are expected to learn the basic knowledge to apply and coordinate the architectural technology in their future professional career. For building materials and construction technology, the emphasis is on the performance criteria and application of building materials, components, finishes and the elements of construction. For building structures, the emphasis is on basic principles of structure, structural systems relating to local codes and integration of structural systems in architectural design. For environmental controls and building services, the emphasis is on local building codes and integration of services in buildings for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, fire safety, plumbing and drainage, acoustics, electrical, lift and escalators, etc.

Schedule of Teaching and Learning Activities

12 lectures every Saturday morning (10:30am to 12:30pm), starting from 5 September 2020, with 4 lectures each for building technology, services and structure.

Venue: Knowles Building

Course Fees: HK$3600

Application Deadline: 22 August, 2020

Online Application:

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