Design+ Immersion Workshop

Design+ Immersion Workshop

Date: 9 Nov 2019, 1-6:30pm
Venue: Room 419, 4/F, Knowles Building, Department of Architecture, University of Hong Kong
Instructors: Eric Schuldenfrei, Elaine Ng, Cesar Jung-Harada
Instructors within an area of specialization: Rosalia LeungHarvey Chung, Su Chang
Study Level: Secondary 6 students (or equivalent) in the academic year 2019-20
Overview: A one-day design studio conducted by practicing professionals and professors from the University of Hong Kong for students considering the BASc Design+ programme.

Hong Kong is striving to become a sustainability capital. Yet, there are many challenges to overcome: food imports, water, electricity, construction material dependency, export of waste, exacerbated social inequalities. What do you think Hong Kong could look like in the future? How do you think it will operate? What will be different?

Designers are responsible for designing the future. By studying the past, looking at the present with critical insight, and yes, imagining the future, innovation can happen spontaneously as well as emerge from systematic and collective creative thinking.

What would you want Hong Kong to look like in the future? How different is your vision than what you originally thought was going to happen? What will it take for your vision to become reality? This Design+ immersion workshop will be the occasion to get a glimpse into the methodology of the course, as well as identify students’ interests and challenges ahead of us as a society, hence shaping the course itself. Change is the only constant.