Research Projects

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Principal investigator        Title
Vincci Mak Village Commoning: Developing a Community-led Model in Countryside Revitalisation.
Natalia Echeverri and Ivan Valin Villages, Monasteries, and Valley Ecology: Rehabilitating the Cultural Landscapes and Architecture of Tung O Trail.
Ying Zhou Culture-Led Spatial Productions: Case Studies of and for East Asia.
Cecilia Chu Applying a Cultural Landscape Approach to Study Hong Kong’s Landscape Heritage and their Interrelated Values.
Cecilia Chu Shaping a New Moral Topography: The Roles of Landscape Design in the Planning of Chinese Cities, 1912-1949.
Wallace Chang “Shall We Talk, Hong Kong Architectural Conservation”, Community Involvement Broadcasting Service, RTHK, Hong Kong
Wallace Chang “Revitalizing Island South–Revival of Fishing Culture & Community”, Urban Design Advocacy on Aberdeen & Ap Li Chau, Legislative Council & District Council Initiative
Wallace Chang “Rediscovery of Cultural Landscapes in Southern China: Sustainable Heritage and Planning in Rural Settlements”, Planning, Heritage and Sustainability Series, Routledge Book Project, Routledge Publishing,
Wallace Chang “Study of Strategic Framework for Rural Revitalization Model”, Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme, Environmental Protection Department