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The Department of Architecture educates students in an active culture of service, scholarship and invention. Uniquely situated at the crossroads of China and global influence, the Department takes the approach that design is best explored from a sophisticated understanding of both. With a multidisciplinary curriculum emphasizing technology, history and culture, students gain broad knowledge and skills in the management of the environmental, social, and aesthetic challenges of contemporary architectural practice. With opportunities for design workshops, international exchanges, and study travel, graduates of the Department of Architecture are well prepared for contribution to both international and local communities of architects and designers.

Design education in the Department of Architecture is based on the model of studio learning, with students organized in small groups working with tutors on guided research and design projects over the length of a full term. At the undergraduate level, emphasis is placed on training in drawing and traditional model-making as well as mastery of software and technology currently used in the architectural profession. Students develop the process of design from conception to representation to presentation. At both the undergraduate and graduate level, the studio is the place for the cross-disciplinary integration of knowledge on history and theory, technology and visual communications.

Research programs at the graduate and postgraduate level offer students a unique opportunity to study the issues on contemporary architecture, cities and landscapes of China and the Asia-Pacific region. Programs in architectural history and theory, sustainable technology, urban and rural construction, urbanization and habitation, as well as digital design and fabrication, form the base of our research agenda. The research programs provide resources for students with an interest in focused areas of study on topics of growing importance to the region and the globe.

The Department offers students a variety of opportunities for international study and travel. Study tours take design studios to sites of East Asian architecture and urbanism. It also hosts undergraduate academic exchange programs with leading institutions in North America and Europe. Jointly taught graduate level studios with other leading universities offer further opportunities for students to engage their peers from around the world.

Staff at the Department of Architecture includes both scholars and practicing professionals committed to the integration of scholarship and design research. Socially and environmentally committed, the Department engages communities in the South China region. Through variety of design studios, design research projects, and the Faculty of Architecture’s Community Projects Workshop, staff and students have opportunities to participate in design projects in China and Hong Kong ranging from the construction of housing, school and public architecture to the building of pavilions in public spaces.

Developing excellence through the unique urban conditions in Hong Kong and China, The Department of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong is committed to building a leading learning and research platform addressing innovation and sustainability for the world.