Programs of Study

PhD studies are based on original research resulting in a contribution of knowledge in specialized topics. The RPG program in the Department of Urban Planning and Design follows the UK approach in which candidates work in close relationship with one or two supervisor(s) throughout the study period.

Major areas of research in the Department include –

  • Planning and managing sustainable cities and regions;
  • Urban and regional development in China (particularly the Pearl River Delta Region and Shanghai);
  • Planning and management of urban transport systems with emphasis on sustainable transport systems;
  • Housing policy and planning, and the development of sustainable housing systems; Information technology applications in urban planning, including GIS;
  • Planning sustainable communities;
  • Globalization and urban development processes;
  • Population and sustainability issues in Hong Kong;
  • High-density urban development and management.

All MPhil and 4-Year PhD students are required to complete satisfactorily two Graduate School core courses, attend an induction seminar, and complete three to eight faculty/departmental courses before thesis submission. Students have to complete two Graduate School core courses, attend an induction seminar, and complete at least 50% of the faculty/departmental coursework requirements before the end of the probationary period.

Graduate school core courses are –

  1. Introduction to Thesis Writing
  2. Basic Research Skills and Methods

Departmental requirement includes one compulsory course (URBP6001 Research Seminar) and two elective courses from the Taught Postgraduate Programs offered by the Department.

Student Area (UPAD RPG Student only)