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The Master of Housing Management (MHousMan) is an interdisciplinary program offered by the Department of Urban Planning and Design (DUPAD). It was the first Master of Housing Management program established in Hong Kong and is run and taught by a committed group of full-time academic research and teaching staff, as well as practitioners. This program is designed not only to upgrade the training and skills of practicing housing professionals but also to provide intellectual and professional training to those wishing to specialize in the housing area at postgraduate level. In addition to standard coursework, special workshop courses on communication skills and research methods respectively are offered. All students will work with an academic supervisor to complete a dissertation, a highly valued educational tool that allows students to cultivate their intellectual capacity and develop deeper insights into their work.

The Department of Urban Planning and Design in the Faculty of Architecture is an excellent place to situate housing management studies for several reasons. Optional courses related to urban and management issues are offered, there are frequent academic lectures and research seminars by local and international experts on housing and related topics, and students gain access to experts in a variety of fields connected to housing management. Additionally, it is the home base of the Asia Pacific Network for Housing Research (APNHR), a researchers’ association committed to the study of housing issues in the Asia Pacific, organizing academic conferences on related topics.

The MHousMan degree program has two streams of study, the Academic Stream and the Professional Stream, both offered in a 2-year part-time mode of study. They are differentiated by the amount of coursework they require and professional accreditation received.

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