Programme of Study

The program is offered on a one-year full-time and two-year/three-year part-time basis. For the full-time study, the curriculum normally extends over one academic year (a total of 12 months), while for the part-time two-year and three-year studies, the curriculum normally extends over not less than two academic years (a total of 24 months) and not less than three academic years (a total of 36 months) respectively.

To complete the program (full-time or part-time), candidates are required to complete a total of eight core courses, one elective course and a dissertation (equivalent to three courses). Attendance in at least four seminars is required for the core course “Research Methods in Transport Studies.” A student who fails to comply shall not be deemed to have satisfied the requirements for conferment of the degree. Moreover, 75% attendance rate for all courses is expected.

Core Courses

GEOG7001 Survey and Data Analysis in Transport Studies
GEOG7002 Transport and Development
GEOG7003 Transport Economics
GEOG7006 Engineering for Transport Systems
GEOG7007 Analysis, Modeling and Project Appraisal in Transportation
GEOG7011 Research Methods in Transport Studies (one-year course)
URBP6123 Public Transport Systems
URBP6131 Transport Policy and Planning

Elective Courses

ENVM8006 Environmental Impact Assessment
ENVM8011 Environmental Auditing and Reporting
GEOG7009 Transport Logistics Planning and Services Management*
GEOG7010 Transport Law and Management#
GEOG7012 Transport Field Trip*
GEOG7222 GIS in Transport Planning and Management#

Dissertation (equivalent to 3 courses)
* Courses offered in biennial even years
# Courses offered in biennial odd years