Student Clubs

Real Estate Society

The Real Estate Society (RES) is a student-run organization under the Faculty of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong. RES’s aim is to foster exchanges between disciplines and to provide students with the resources to further their career in the real estate industry through hosting a schedule of events including speaker series, networking sessions, local site visits, and skill-building workshops. The Society consists of members of diverse backgrounds ranging from architecture, construction, real estate development, engineering, finance, economics, asset management, leasing, and more.

For those interested in collaborating with us, feel free to contact Ms Hiuming CHAN at

2022 – 2023 Executives:

  1. Chairlady (Hiuming Chan)
  2. Vice Chairman (Arthur Yeung Ho Man)
  3. Vice Chairman (Alex Tam Kan Tat)
  4. Vice Chairlady (Ruiqi Zhou)
  5. Vice Chairlady (Cheng Tsz Yu Adriana)
  6. Vice Chairlady (Kwok Suk Fan, Connie)
  7. Executive Member (Patrick Ngai Fuk Wing)
  8. Executive Member (Victor Chan Wing Fung)
  9. Executive Member (Alexandre Huguet)
  10. Executive Member (Nicole So)
  11. Executive Member (Li Ming Leong)
  12. Executive Member (Tang Hin Lung)
  13. Executive Member (Anawin Chiamprasert)
  14. Executive Member (Chan Cheuk Lam Gloria)
  15. Executive Member ( Peter Cai Peijia)
  16. Executive Member (Tai Kwan Tat,Rex)
  17. Executive Member (Mia Caroline Holtkott)
  18. Executive Member (Konstantin Weicht)

The University of Hong Kong Real Estate and Construction Postgraduate Alumni Association

The Alumni Association seeks to reach, serve and engage all alumni and students; to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection between the University, the Department and its graduates.  The Alumni Association aims to provide a two-way communication link between the University, the Department, its alumni and friends. Join us here at LinkedIn.