Student Stories


Class of 2018
Executive Director, Head of Project & Development Services, Hong Kong, Cushman & Wakefield

“The MSC (CPM) Programme has been a valuable addition to my professional career experience.”
I view this program as a key milestone in my career journey. I graduated in Industrial Engineering, and this course, majoring on real estate and construction, has afforded me a recognized qualification aligned with my chosen career path and supporting my career development. Specifically, I gained the knowledge I was looking for in construction law, and the technicalities of 3D rendering, enabling me to keep ahead of the curve in the industry’s technology.

Being a part of this program was also a great experience in connecting with like-minded individuals in the industry, and I came away with a wider professional network and the benefit of sharing my experiences and learning from peers.


Owen LEE
Class of 2019 (Distinction)
Resident Engineer, AECOM
Lecturer (Part-time), HKU
Chartered Civil and Geotechnical Engineer
Civil Engineering Surveyor
CIC-Certified BIM Manager

“The MSc (Construction Project Management) has strengthened my project management skills and developed my commercial awareness. I believe these skills are important to all construction professionals.”
This programme serves as a platform connecting students from different professional backgrounds such as architecture, construction and engineering or business. This diverse intellectual environment offer us an extensive network. The Project Workshop (Construction Project Management) was one of my favourite modules since students in this module were required to run a construction company through a simulation system. We were able to apply the theory learnt in the lectures to a scenario. Through this experience, we could compare and contrast different approaches in providing solutions to problems within the constraints of business practice and understand the importance of teamwork. Currently, I am running a real mega construction project and I believe those skills learnt in the Project Workshop have enabled me to make better decisions in my project.

I am the first engineer in Hong Kong who has received CIC Young BIMer 2020 and Autodesk Young BIMer of the Year 2020 in the same year. I am also shortlisted by the New Civil Engineer Tunnelling Festival 2021 as the Young Tunneller of the Year. I hold various qualifications including civil engineering, construction project management, quantity surveying, occupational safety, laws, alternative dispute resolution, business administration, accounting and music. As a Registered Professional Engineer and Registered Ground Engineering Professional with extensive experience in tendering, construction, engineering design, contract administration and BIM management of mega infrastructure projects, I was thrilled to graduate from this programme with Distinction and received both the Building Management Prize and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Scholarship. I believed that I had many job opportunities because of my good academic standing from this Asia’s leading academic institutions.

I have learnt a lot from MSc (CPM) programme which covers different aspects that are important to the construction professionals, for instance, management theory, quantity surveying, occupational safety health, construction law, procurement and economics. These skills had made me a better engineer. Besides, the classes of Real Estate and Construction Management Practice were led by renowned industry practitioners. The guest speakers were senior executives in the construction industry. Their experience was inspirational and I had acquired very valuable knowledge.

Last but not least, this course is recognised by the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). It has broadened the possibilities of my future endeavours in career development.


Kenneth LEE
Class of 2022
Assistant Site Agent
Ngai Tat Construction Co., Ltd.

“This program provided an opportunity to enrich my capability and achieve professional qualification.”
Having worked for few years in the Construction Industry, current academic qualification was found inadequate to my future career development. With the constructive guidance from experienced mentors in “Project Workshop” of the programme, this Capstone subject provided me with simulation practice to apply different theories and approaches to tackle the challenges while running the construction company in real circumstances.

This program provided opportunities to students who came from different professional backgrounds to achieve a common goal, by compromising a final decision and overcoming the inevitable conflicts with rational judgement and critical thinking.


Sophie NG
Class of 2022
Assistant Racing Manager,
Raceday Operations, Tracks and Racing Facilities, The Hong Kong Jockey Club

“Studying in MSc(CPM) was an amazing journey! It has deepened my real estate and construction industry knowledge, supported my career development and built up my professional network.”
MSc(CPM) is my second master degree and my most enjoyable one. I am impressed by professors’ inspiration, interactive discussion with peers, insights sharing by industry leaders and practitioners and well balanced program design that suit for both part time and full time students.

Through the learning process, I found my resilience capability has been enhanced. When COVID-19 has taken disruptive effect to all industries and triggered for dynamic capability development, MSc(CPM) has provided me broad market views and up-to-date techniques that I can practically apply to my project and team management.

Apart from those fruitful learning outcomes, MSc(CPM) is also a perfect platform to connect with various background professionals. I made many good friends in this program, many of them are engineers, surveyors or architects. The built professional network is important and valuable to me in long term.