1. If I have met the University Entrance Requirements, does this mean I will be admitted?

No, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the programme.
3. How many intakes in each academic year? When do they start?

There is only one intake each year. The application process starts in early December.
4. When will the results of applications be announced?

Successful applicants will be informed within April to July.
5. How large are the classes?

About 50 students are admitted to the MSc(CPM) programme every year. The number of full time and part time students are roughly the same.
6. How much is the application fee for taught postgraduate admissions and how should I pay for it?

The fee is HK$300 per application to be paid online at Your application cannot be processed until you pay your application fee online by Visa or MasterCard credit card.
About the Programme
1. How heavy is the study load?

For a 6-credit course, 150 hours of student working (including 24 contact hours and other student learning activities and efforts) is expected. Full-time students normally enrol in six 6-credit courses per semester. Part-time students normally enrol in 3 courses per semester. There are two semesters a year: the first semester is September to December, and the second semester is January to May.
2. How long does it take to complete the programme?

Full-time students are expected to complete their study in one academic year. Part-time students are normally expected to complete their study in two academic years. In any case, students cannot exceed the maximum period of registration, which is two academic years of full time study or three academic years of part time study. Students who fail to complete the curriculum by the end of their maximum period of registration will be recommended for discontinuation of studies.
3. What will happen if I fail a course?

If it is a prescribed course, you are required to repeat the same course in the next academic year. If it is an elective course, you are required to repeat the same elective course, or take another elective course as replacement in the next semester or next academic year. Students have to pay the course fee again when they re-take the failed course or take another course.
4. Do I need to declare my preferred major before the start of my study?

At the application stage, you are required to indicate your preferred major on the application form. Those who are given an offer to study in our programme will be requested to re-indicate their preferred major when they join us in September.
5. Can I switch from one major option to another during my study period?

Yes, your declared choice of major is indicative. Ultimately, the major option that students could attain is determined by the courses they have successfully completed during their study period.
6. Can I get a double major?

No. Students cannot obtain more than one major.
7. As a prospective student, could I audit some classes before submitting my application?

No. Non-registered students are not allowed to audit any class.