JUPAS Code: 6016


The Bachelor of Science in Surveying [BSc(Surv)] was established in 1988 by the Department of Real Estate and Construction as the first integrated surveying programme in the world. The origins of surveying are the same as those of architecture, engineering, planning and landscape. Those who designed, set-out, organised and oversaw the production of the great pyramids of Egypt, for example, were the prototypical built environmental professionals of today. The surveyors of Ancient Egypt had high social status on account of their almost magical powers. How could anyone conceive of a process of setting out in the sand a two-dimensional design, commissioning the purchase and cutting of many hundreds of thousands of stones and ending up with all the angles aligning? The tasks are much more complex with today’s urban development process and the tools are, fortunately, far more sophisticated.

Our version of the appropriate curriculum for today’s pyramids is interdisciplinary and strongly professional in focus, fostering rigorous critical inquiry into the economics, law, management, and technological innovation of the land conversion process, from land acquisition, project finance, planning and development, to construction project management, sales and marketing, real estate investment, facilities management, conservation, and urban regeneration^.

We teach using lectures, reading assignments, essays, research projects, local and international case studies and site visits. In our unique surveying studios we provide a small-group, problem-based, collaborative learning platform for you to think across the boundaries of traditional academic disciplines and develop creative approaches and solutions to real life issues. More importantly, surveying studios intensify your communication skills with respect to graphic, verbal and text-based communications.  Through experiential learning opportunities including academic exchange, study tour, and internship, the programme prepares you for a wide range of career choices. Our graduates are in high demand by developers, real estate investment funds, real estate consultants, construction contractors, surveying consultants, financial institutions, government departments, research institutes, and many other corporations which need all-rounded professionals to help develop and manage their property assets. With the rapid growth of the Asian real estate and construction markets, our graduates possess a significant competitive advantage internationally as well as in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the wider Asia region.