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Regulations & Syllabus

The Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture (PDLA) is a new one-year degree program that introduces the fundamental skills and knowledge of landscape architecture to students who do not yet have training in the design fields. The PDLA is intended as a preparatory degree that leads graduates towards more advanced studies in the field, such as the Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) program at HKU.

Enlarge the image of PDLALandscape Architecture—a discipline rooted in the modern history of urbanization and territorial transformation—has emerged in recent decades as a leader in addressing the complex social, ecological, and environmental challenges the world faces today. And as the field evolves to become more collaborative, transdisciplinary and global, it will depend on a body of practitioners with diverse backgrounds and experiences to shape the discipline of the future. In Hong Kong, the PDLA is a first step in achieving this goal. We welcome applicants from all fields who are highly-motivated critical thinkers with a passion for improving our natural, built and social environments.

The PDLA curriculum is organized around a sequence of design studios introducing the tools and methodologies of landscape design within a highly-personalized, one-on-one learning environment. Complementing this foundation are courses covering history and theory, visual communication, landscape technology. Students in the program will complete 66 credits in a single year with Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. The PDLA is taught by a core academic staff who bring their innovative, topical research and award-winning teaching practices to the curriculum, while an exciting group of professional instructors and guest critics from the region support and enrich the program.

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