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Research Seminar Series

An ongoing seminar series provides a platform for MPhil and PhD students, visiting research scholars and faculty members from the Department to share work-in-progress research projects. These talks are open to the public and offer an opportunity for students to present their work to other students of architecture, Faculty members, as well as members of the broader academic community at HKU and beyond.

Research Lunchtime Seminar Series - Fall 2022
Poster_LineUp_RPGLunchtime_Fall2020 190909 RPG Lunchtime Series
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RPG Student Conference

Every two years, the Department hosts a Research Postgraduate Student conference focused on a research topic related to the organizing student’s scholarly interests. Previous conferences have included graduate students from around the world as well as invited established scholars within the discipline of architecture in the region and internationally, and faculty members of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong.

Graduate Student SymposiumKeynote Lecture | Teddy Cruz + Fonna FormanKeynote Lecture | Anoma Pieris TRANSFER TRANSFERS-FINALPOSTER-TRANSFERS-FINAL POSTER-TRANSFERS-FINAL translations-conferenceresearch postgraduate student conference


CIB Student Chapter

The Department’s CIB Student Chapter organizes international conferences at regular intervals. These events provide Research Postgraduate Student students with a forum to present their current research to the public, meet other graduate students from other parts of the world engaged in similar research topics, and engage with relevant faculty from outside HKU as moderators.