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The Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Studies [BA(LS)] is a multidisciplinary curriculum that emphasises landscape design, technology, history, theory and visual communications, giving students a comprehensive foundation in the knowledge, concepts and skills required of landscape architects.

Landscape architecture integrates design and planning with ecology, civil engineering and geography to better coordinate how we construct and conserve landscapes across scales, from designing socially engaged urban parks to the conservation of regional ecosystems. Offered by HKU’s Division of Landscape Architecture, this undergraduate degree programme gives you a chance to study the urban and natural processes that create and sustain landscapes.

Landscape architecture’s histories draw from the dominant constructed landscapes and environmental challenges of an era, ranging from civilisation’s earliest botanical and zoological gardens to recreational landscapes and country parks to remediating polluted industrial lands of the 20th century. Today, our rapidly urbanising cities present multiple challenges to human health and development and consume resources that threaten the sustainability of the natural environment. Our cities, construction industry, urban consumption patterns and diets drive deforestation and drastic reductions in the Earth’s biodiversity. Sustainability requires us to substantially improve the ways we build and live, for example through green material lifecycle assessments and innovative rooftop urban agricultural systems. Whether engaging a corporate client or environmental NGO, we teach you to support your landscape designs and strategies with dynamic visual media and compelling narratives.

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The BA(LS) programme gives you the cultural and technical foundations–the art and science–to understand environmentally sustainable design and opens your career pathways into landscape architecture, environmental planning, and related fields. These foundations range from technical courses in site engineering, materials, botany and geographic information systems, to humanities courses in environmental advocacy, ethics and community planning, to problem-based design studio courses within Hong Kong, greater China and across Southeast Asia. We help you build your understanding of Asia’s dynamic professional landscape, architecture, and planning disciplines while fostering a deep and critical awareness of nature, stewardship, and our shared future.

The BA(LS) programme is studio-based, which allows you to work directly with instructors in guided research and design projects that integrate theoretical exploration and practical implementation. Innovation, quality and relevance in design are strongly promoted. Students are exposed to different approaches to solving problems across a wide range of regional and international contexts, topical issues and broader concerns, while participating in actual design and construction projects through experiential learning activities. International joint studios with leading landscape schools and overseas exchange programmes also offer opportunities for students to engage with their peers from around the world.

Career Prospects

The BA(LS) is a first degree that leads directly to the professional Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) degree required for registration as a landscape architect in Hong Kong. The programme also provides an excellent general arts education that will give students the confidence to enter other related design or research fields.

It is expected that many of our graduates will pursue specialised academic studies and research in landscape architecture or adjacent disciplines at The University of Hong Kong, and other leading institutions in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.

Despite the challenging economic environment, the demand for landscape architecture has increased in recent years in response to rising awareness of environmental and quality of life issues. Many of our graduates join professional consultancy firms and work with landscape architects, architects, engineers, ecologists, and planners, or work as site supervisory staff, or in landscape management. Others work for government offices, non-profit organizations, and advocacy groups.

Minor in Landscape Studies

The Minor in Landscape Studies is designed for students in other disciplines to gain literacy in the core knowledge of landscape architecture.

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