While prospective PhD/MPhil students are required to apply via the HKU Graduate School, they are expected to first identify a potential thesis supervisor and have discussions as to the feasibility of their proposed topic. ACP requires prospective students to prepare a detailed research proposal (essentially, a research framework) for consideration covering the following:

  1. What is a one-line summary of your proposed topic, which can serve as the tentative working TITLE of your proposed topic?
  2. What is the background ISSUE(S) that led to your proposed topic?
  3. What are the FOCUS and SCOPE of your proposed research?
  4. What LITERATURE REVIEW have you done and what is the RESEARCH GAP you have discovered through the review?
  5. What is the METHODOLOGY (Part 1) of your proposed research in terms of its THEORECTICAL BASIS and HYPOTHESIS?
  6. What is the METHODOLOGY (Part 2) of your proposed research in terms of KEY RESEARCH QUESTIONS and means of DATA COLLECTION?
  7. What is the METHODOLOGY (Part 3) of your proposed research in terms of a tentative CHAPTER LAYOUT?
  8. What are your BIBLIOGRAPHICAL references?