Programme of Study

The Programme is intended for persons who wish to enter teaching and advanced research careers in architecture, with the agenda of making an original contribution to the field. Coursework is directed towards advanced scholarly research. The programme places emphasis on originality, significance, and methodology in topics engaging pertinent issues in Asia and China, as well as important intersections with international and cross-cultural contexts.

Students are required to take four Graduate School core courses and four faculty/departmental courses (one core and three electives) before the submission of the dissertation:

1 Departmental Core Course on research methods (ARCH 6057)
2 Departmental Elective Courses
1 Departmental/Faculty Elective Course

Course selection is determined by the student working in coordination with his/her adviser.

Students shall be required to have satisfactorily completed all the Graduate School courses and at least 50% of the remaining prescribed coursework by the end of the probationary period. For confirmation of PhD candidature or transferal from MPhil to PhD candidature, students must pass the qualifying examination, followed by the submission of their dissertation research proposal.