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The Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies BA(AS) is a four-year full-time curriculum. It provides an education that crosses the divide between Arts and Sciences. It is not only the first degree needed to qualify as an architect; but also provides an excellent general education that gives students the confidence to enter a number of other related fields. The course of study is centered on problem based learning in the design studio and is structured to foster a sense of community, develop deep knowledge of the discipline, and encourage creativity. Design programs in the studios are based on topical issues while encouraging a wide range of approaches to functional, environmental, and social challenges.

The BAAS program provides multiple opportunities for knowledge exchange within the community and in China, including a full term of study at the Faculty’s Shanghai Study Centre, study tours to foundational sites of Asian architecture and urbanism, and practical experience on real-world projects through the Faculty’s Community Projects Workshop. Courses in the program are offered in the areas of Architectural Design, History and Theory of Architecture, Technology, and Visual Communication.

The professional degree of Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies BA(AS) is accredited by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) and Architects Registration Board (ARB); validated by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA); and via the Canberra Accord the programmes have substantial equivalency with the accreditation/validation systems of the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA), NAAB in USA, CACB-CCCA in Canada, NBAA in China, JABEE in Japan, KAAB in Korea, ANPADEH in Mexico, and SACAP in South Africa. Upon passing the Professional Assessment held by HKIA/ARB in Hong Kong, graduates are eligible to apply for admission as Members of HKIA and as Registered Architects.