MArch graduate won at RIBA’s Ideas and Sketches Students Competition 2021

Maxwell Lau Ho Chuen (MArch 2021) has won in the RIBA’s Ideas and Sketches Students Competition 2021 (Asia & Australasia region) for his project ‘2061 Pabulum Odyssey’.

With the theme of ‘Reimagining Cities and Towns Post-COVID’, the Competition invited architecture students worldwide to propose ideas for designing buildings and cities/towns of the future as we emerge from the pandemic. A total of 73 entries were received from 20 schools across four international regions: Americas, Asia & Australasia, Europe, Middle East & Africa.

‘2061 Pabulum Odyssey’ is the winner of the Asia & Australasia region. In response to Hong Kong’s frequent dine-in bans during COVID-19, the project envisions a machine-dominant future of eating out and serving food via drones, facilitated by a drone port transformed from the Kwun Tong MTR station, above which is a centralised robotic restaurant tower built for food preparation, cooking, and virtual dining.

‘2061 Pabulum Odyssey’ is commended by the Evaluation Panel as ‘progressive, showing dreams and aspirations whilst providing a clear vision for the future. The project is imaginative and provocative and at the same time grounded in reality. It touches on one of the most important activities in big cities, which is food and dining in a social context. It also introduces quality drawing and a creative way of presentation, demonstrating a deep understanding of the issues linked to buildings, cities, and pandemic … The images presented are expressive showing first class quality in its ideas, development, and structure.’

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