Knowledge Exchange (KE) Funding Exercise 2012/13

KE Fund Allocation for Impact Project

The KE Funding for Impact Projects aims to facilitate projects that can create impact which, ideally, can be recognized and acknowledged by the non-academic sectors concerned, or even the general public.

The following Impact Projects are supported in 2012/13:

No. Project Co-ordinator Project Title
1 Ms Vincci Mak HAD (Heritage x Arts x Design) Walk Project Tseun Wan & Kwai Tsing – Productive Landscape in Tseun Wan/Kwai Tsing and its Cultural Significance
2 Mr Matthew Pryor;Ms Melissa Cate Christ Edible Green Roof Prototype: A project for converting roof spaces of existing buildings to productive use
3 Ms Dorothy S W Tang Hong Kong Platforms: Educating Secondary School Students about the Sustainability of the City
4 Dr Poon Sun Wah The quarrying industry and the infrastructure development of Hong Kong: influence and interaction
5 Mr Anderson Lee;Ms Tris Kee Publication for public sharing about the Hong Kong Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture 2011-2012
6 Ms Tris Kee Community Architecture: to Promote Horticulture Therapy in an Urban Landscape
7 Ms Tris Kee Digital Audio-Video Archive for Architecture
8 Ms Tris Kee Publishing the collection of Faculty KE activities