Global Citizenship

The Faculty and its various departments regularly engage with local, regional, and international communities for knowledge and service exchange. Through research and knowledge exchange, teaching and research staff contribute to different communities with much-needed knowledge and expertise. In teaching and learning programmes, we strive to offer our students opportunities to learn from and contribute to real-world situations and problems located in Hong Kong, China’s urban centers, vulnerable rural areas and places further afield, with studios and projects recently held in South America, Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Studio Myanmar

Studio Myanmar is the Faculty’s current project for creating focused learning opportunities for social responsibility for young professionals. Groups of students and staff from the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, and architectural conservation have dedicated their major core studies to engage various challenges in historic Yangon (Rangoon). These activities have availed our students with voices and challenges from different stakeholders and local partners including government, NGOs, academics Yangon professionals and Hong Kong professionals and design firms. Through the process, we have forged strong ties with these local counterparts and have started to make our own unique contribution to the country. The Myanmar Project has produced more than eight studio projects in Yangon and one in the southern developing region on the Myanmar-Thai pensula, and captured extensive support and interest from Myanmar as well as Hong Kong and international partners. The project is destined to go on for another three years in the first instance, with an interim deliverable of international workshops to be staged in both Yangon and Hong Kong.