In Memory of Mr. Kwok Pun, CHEUNG

KP Cheung at a public exhibition of his proposal for Hong Kong into the 2040’s. Source: Oriental Daily

With sadness we learnt the passing away of K P Cheung on 5 August.  

Born in Hong Kong, KP graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic (now Hong Kong Polytechnic University) in Mechanical Engineering, and Edinburgh University with a M.Sc. in Fire Safety Engineering.  After working in the profession – J. Roger Preston – and teaching at the Poly, he joined the Department from September 1992 onward, became Associate Professor since 2007.  For twenty two years and more he has been a popular ‘teacher- scientist’ who brought practical knowledge and many times advant garde ideas to the drawing board where design ideas were translated into building, completed with essential E/M services and technologies.  Quoting Benjamin Yiu (M Arch 1996), ‘he was respected by us for his support to make our studio design schemes closer to reality‘.   Notably, KP Cheung and Sam Hui are best known for their pioneered web-based teaching platform known to their international peers as “BEER & PIAT” in those days when the rest of us were using stone age technology of transparency and slide (1996-98).  On the academic front, KP is a guru (holder of many patents) of sundial, inventor of heliodon for desktop usage.  Professionally, KP is a world class expert of fire prevention and engineering.  Many of KP’s imaginative ideas made profound impacts on the future planning of Hong Kong at the sustainability urban scale – from Underground city to Eco-blueprint for the City.   Among many of KP’s contributions for the Department was key person – advisor, coordinator for Department Submissions for RAE.  

We shall remember KP for his integrity, dedication and persistence on guarding the highest standard ever in teaching, research and community outreach.  On behalf of the Department, colleagues and students, I extend our condolence to Mrs. Cheung and the two daughters. Rest in peace, Kwok Pun. 

Memorial service shall take place at the Hong Kong Funeral Home, 1/F, North Point, Hong Kong, August 22, 2020, 10AM.


Stephen Lau

Honorary Professor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Hong Kong