HOUR25: HKU Architecture Papers Vol.1

HOUR25 is the first volume of the HKU Architecture Papers, a student-edited series of annual publications chronicling the design work of the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong during the academic year 2010-2011. With an emphasis on process, behaviour, and phasing, the series provides a window into architectural education in Hong Kong. It rejects the nature of cataloguing the yearly output of the school. The editorial board decided to highlight the process of architecture as much as the final products. This decision was made after weeks of reviewing a broad range of studio projects and theses, when a catalogue-alike publication was almost finished. However the previous version beautifies architecture as mere images, it does not allow readers to begin to understand the process of architecture. Thus, HOUR25 is conceived.

Initiated and edited by a group of architecture students at the University of Hong Kong, HOUR25 creates a platform for architectural discourse through highlights of the year’s selected student works, critical essays from professors, reviews of academic programmes, interviews with visiting lecturers, transcripts of public reviews, and a chronicle of studio life at the Department of Architecture.

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