Golden Moon (2012, Hong Kong)

Kristof Crolla, Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture, was co-designer of the Golden Moon. Three of his associates, Dannes Kok, Kenneth Cheung & Yi Sa Chan are HKU alumni and students.

The Golden Moon is a temporary architectural structure that explores how Hong Kong’s unique building traditions and craftsmanship can be combined with contemporary design techniques in the creation of a highly expressive public event space. It is the 2012 Gold Award winning entry for the Lantern Wonderland design competition organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board for the Mid-Autumn Festival and is in display for 6 days in Victoria Park.

The Golden Moon revisits the traditional Chinese lantern and makes a direct link to the legend of Chang’e – the Moon Goddess of Immortality – whose story is strongly associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival. The flames, colours and patterns symbolise the passionate love burning between Chang’e and her husband Houyi – the legendary archer – who are reunited on the moon on that day. A light-weight steel geodesic dome forms the pavilion’s primary structure. Using traditional bamboo scaffolding techniques, bamboo is bent around this geodesic dome to form the secondary structure. This is then clad with stretch fabric flames, all lit up by animated LED lights.

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DATES | 27 September 2012 to 2 October 2012

LOCATION | Victoria Park, Football Pitch 1, Hong Kong

COMPETITION DESIGN | Kristof Crolla & Adam Fingrut

PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEAM | Kristof Crolla, Sebastien Delagrange, Dannes Kok, Kenneth Cheung and Yi Sa Chan of LEAD, with Nicholas Benner, Chris Lee (Anthropods Associates Ltd.), Paulina Lau (APT Engineering Consultant Ltd.)

CONSTRUCTION | Free Form Construction Co. Ltd. (Main Contractor), Fonkwang Development Ltd. & Guangzhou Shipyard Company Ltd. (Steel), Wing Yick Scaffolders (Bamboo), Wings Design Production Ltd. (Fabric), LED Artist (LED)


SPECIAL THANKS TO | Mason Hung, Helen Chiu, Joanne Poon, Rob May, Matthew Melnyk, Martin Riese, Andrew Reid, Jay Forster, Kevin Ng.