Uncovering Site and Process in the Landscape: Assembles, Gradients and Frameworks

Foundation Design Studio I (2018-19)

Related Staff : Ivan Valin

This foundation level studio focused on reading, representing and manipulating the landscape, with an emphasis on material, space, rhythm and measure. The studio sought to create a sensibility toward landscape in which the act of surveying a site can be understood as a generative act. Emphasis was placed on visual and manual skills in two-dimensional and three-dimensional constructions (drawing, fabrications, model-making, etc.). The studio was structured around the themes of gradient (as opposed to edge); network (as opposed to object); and parameter (as opposed to dimension). The semester featured three interrelated projects: ‘Maps and Transects’ asked students to develop annotative methods to render field-observations of aspects of a site’s physical environment. Students represented these dimensions of the site through plan and multiple projected sections. The second project ‘Elemental Manipulations’, introduced a basic kit of parts including structural, vegetated, and land-forming elements. Students worked iteratively to develop a language of manipulation through the interrelating of sets of elements. Finally, with ‘Boundary Interventions’, students proposed an intervention that revealed the dynamic conditions of their site. The design intervention and its imagined impact was documented through a set of re-imagined standard landscape architectural drawings.

Enlarge Photo: Site observation plan. By LAM Hoi Ying Grace.Enlarge Photo: Composite landscape. By LO Wai Ching.Enlarge Photo: Composite landscape. By LAM Hoi Ying Grace.Enlarge Photo: Final site design model. By LAM Hoi Ying Grace.Enlarge Photo: Final site design model. By LO Wai Ching.Enlarge Photo: Sections showing ground moisture and vegetation on slope site. By  ZHANG Yuchen.Enlarge Photo: Composite landscape. By PANG Chor Kiu Valerie.Enlarge Photo: Composite landscape model. By WONG Nok Yan Frances.Enlarge Photo: Forest succession growth sections. By LO Wai Ching.Enlarge Photo: Site plan. By LAM Hoi Ying Grace.Enlarge Photo: Site elevation. By LAM Hoi Ying Grace.