Landscape Intensive

PDLA Course (2020-21)

Related Staff : Barry Wilson

The PDLA Landscape Architecture Intensive is a three-week summer course developed to introduce students to concepts of landscape architecture within the context of Hong Kong. Daily sessions included lectures and workshops built upon basic drawing and representation techniques along with seminars introducing concepts related to scale, climate, materials and landscape design elements. Discovery walks provided an outline to Hong Kong’s typical spaces and framed understanding of physical, social and economic issues influencing the urban development as well as introduction to key information related to planting, technology and history. During the three weeks students were guided through an intensive design exploration that introduced them to representation technics, landscape architecture concepts and elements found within the small urban spaces of Hong Kong. For the first two weeks, students explored standard and non-standard units of measurement to survey and map a tree taken from the Register of Old and Valuable Trees list. They created a set of accurate measured documents of the tree using both plan and section/ elevation and a series of illustrative diagrams that reveal information concerning the specific characteristics of the species, habitat and natural form. Using multimedia collage, they then explored the environmental context of the tree as it related to time, place and landscape systems. During the third week of the course, students explored fundamental conventions of landscape design through a series of incremental exercises that included essential skills of photographic mapping, collage, interpretation of image into drawing, and then drawing into model.

Enlarge Photo: Mapping a tree. By CHUNG How Yu Jonathan.
Enlarge Photo: Collage. By TSANG Chui Shan Jade.
Enlarge Photo: Coding map. By TSANG Chui Shan Jade.
Enlarge Photo: Model. By MAN Ting Yan Natalie.
Enlarge Photo: Model. By CHAN Ching Yin.