Landscape Intensive

PDLA Course (2019-20)

Related Staff : Barry Wilson

The newly introduced two-week intensive course was developed to give freshly arriving students an orientation to both the department facilities and the learning processes, as well as providing a general understanding of the urban landscapes of Hong Kong. Daily sessions included lectures and workshops built upon basic drawing and visual communication techniques, along with seminars introducing concepts of the curriculum focused on mapping and scale; landscape elements and terminology; climate and microclimate; and materials and textures. Discovery walks provided an outline to many of Hong Kong’s typical spaces and framed understanding of physical, social, and economic issues influencing the urban development form, along with facilitating an introduction to key information related to planting, technology, history, and theory. Students were then guided through a continuous ‘design studio’ to explore the introduced concepts and landscape elements found within the small urban spaces of Hong Kong while adopting immersive presentation techniques that demonstrated understanding and facilitated further discussion on ‘landscape’ from their own particular perspectives. Throughout the course, students familiarized themselves with the broad scope of the study area and basic terminology used in the field of landscape design while beginning to understand how to identify, measure, record, and analyze landscape elements and spaces.

Enlarge Photo: Group photo.
Enlarge Photo: Pterocarpus indicus plan and section. By CHEN Zhouying.
Enlarge Photo: Site walk.
Enlarge Photo: Site walk.