Landscape Media 2

PDLA Course (2020-21)

Related Staff : Harvey Chung, Susanne Trumpf

This course introduced students to essential digital and manual tools of design and representation in landscape architecture. Students explored techniques in material testing and digital fabrication as an iterative part of the design process with digital platforms and procedural tools as key elements of a cross-media approach to digital production. Shifting from material analysis to visual programming and 1 to 1 fabrication, the course covered a variety of scales and modes. Three projects transformed the products of material observations into design methodologies and created an understanding of abstraction, rigor, and transformation through experimentation. The first project, ‘Material Diaries’ focused on material experimentations. Students analyzed and compared materials theoretically and physically. The hands-on testing gave students a sensitivity for designing with a range of materials and relevant production processes. The second project ‘Shaping Material & Terrain’ focused on parametric 3D modelling and digital fabrication technologies. It created familiarity with technologies of computational design and handle a range of tools for digital fabrication available within the faculty. Drawing inspiration from these two assignments, students developed in the final project a one-person seat or shelter. Material testing and tools of digital site analysis were ongoingly explored to help shape the device. Students worked with a combination of digital and analogue fabrication techniques; drawings, mock-ups, and a 1:1 prototype to communicate and test their design.

Enlarge Photo: Plastic terrazzo with recycled PET and HDPE. By LAU Fong Yui.
Enlarge Photo: Brick waterjet experiment. By CHAN Ching Yin.
Enlarge Photo: Rammed earth & laser kerf bent plywood chair. By CHUNG How Yu Jonathan.
Enlarge Photo: Bioplastic canvas shelter. By MAN Ting Yan Natalie.
Enlarge Photo: Bioplastic canvas shelter. By MAN Ting Yan Natalie.
Enlarge Photo: Terrazzo bamboo stool. By LIN Heiman Vanessa.
Enlarge Photo: Steam bent bamboo strip canopy. By LAM Pui Kwan Candace.