Landscape Media 2

PDLA Course (2018-19)

Related Staff : Susanne Trumpf

The course explores the core practices of landscape representation, from analysis to fabrication, focusing on the understanding of representation and production. Shifting from site observation in an urban context to detail representation and digital and manual fabrication, the course covers a variety of scales and modes. Over the course of two succeeding projects, students transformed products of a site observation into design methodologies while creating an understanding of abstraction, rigor, transformation, and experimentation. In Project 1, ‘Measuring terrain’, students focused on representing a given site and interpreting its conditions and constraints. Site analysis and site representation were pursued through two-dimensional digital and manual output looking at registered reinforced slopes in Hong Kong. To enhance workflows of in-situ measures and digital representation, students worked with a combination of analog and digital media tools. In Project 2, ‘Fabricating landscape’, students focused on fabrication, representing a specific moment of Hong Kong’s topography explored in Project 1. Transforming the analyzed site from a geotechnical structure into a constructed object, students were working on two dimensional drawings, three dimensional models, and a 1:1 object.

Enlarge Photo: Gallery-style final review.Enlarge Photo: 'Fabricating Landscape'. By WONG Sze Lee Ceci .Enlarge Photo: Measuring Terrain'. By PANG Chor Kiu Valerie.Enlarge Photo: 'Fabricating Landscape'. By CHUI Kei Ching Maisy.Enlarge Photo: 'Fabricating Landscape'. By ZHANG Yuchen Kevina.