Landscape Media 1

PDLA Course (2020-21)

Related Staff : Pat Xiao

Robin Evans once claimed that architects don’t make buildings but representations of it. This course aimed to critically introduce and explore the media of landscape and representation skills like drawing and fabrication. We do not simply treat drawing forms as the media of landscape imagination, but carefully examine the media of landscape, the media of drawing, and the intervals between them. The drawing in landscape architecture, as James Corner described, can be “a plot, necessarily strategic, maplike, and acted upon in essence.” We think of drawing landscape as a process which let us to experience and express what we see and conceive, and moreover, to speculate and construct in the physical space. The course focused on forms of drawing as an essential set of techniques for documenting, analyzing, and generating ideas. We introduced a series of techniques weekly based on the categorized media of drawing and fabrication, to communicate the media of landscape. The course works required engagement with drawing grammar (perspective, orthographic projection), denotative interpretation (notation, diagram), material expression (collage, mapping), and narrative construction (montage, animation). Particular attention was paid to understanding the complex mechanism in the dynamic, projective, and dialectical constructed network of design, media, and imagination.

Enlarge Photo: Site documentation. By CHAN Ching Yin.
Enlarge Photo: Site inventory. By ZHOU Jiaxuan.
Enlarge Photo: Model: Campus without Ground. By ZHOU Jiaxuan.
Enlarge Photo: Diagram: Scandal on the Third Street. By TSIM Yuen Ting Jessica.
Enlarge Photo: Model: Escape. By MAN Ting Yan Natalie.