Landscape Technologies and Techniques

PDLA Course (2020-21)

Related Staff : Gavin Coates

This course combines the two primary technologies employed by landscape architects to shape space and function in the landscape: landform and planting design. The three-dimensional literacy and observation skills required to articulate these elements are introduced through various landscape representation techniques. The relationship between planting, topography, and human intervention and behavior in the landscape was explored during a field trip to Yuen Long Town Park. Other field trips included a Soil Workshop with David St Maur Sheil where students were introduced to the fundamental importance of soils in landscape. During a visit to ArkEden on Lantau students watered and applied fertilizer to tree seedlings planted on eroded slopes, sketched the landscape from life, experienced the reality of topography and how it corresponds with contour maps, and observed children’s nature-based education in action. At the end of the course, students reflected on their experience of the course and demonstrated that they had gained invaluable skills and insights into the basics of the technologies and techniques required for landscape design.

Enlarge Photo: As existing section drawing. By LOU Tongyao.
Enlarge Photo: As existing plan drawing. By LOU Tongyao.
Enlarge Photo: Life drawing. By CHUNG How Yu Jonathan.
Enlarge Photo: Contour plan. By CHAN Ching Yin.
Enlarge Photo: Model. By CHAN Ching Yin.
Enlarge Photo: Model. By CHAN Ching Yin.