Landscape Technologies and Techniques

PDLA Course (2018-19)

Related Staff : Gavin Coates

This course combines the two primary means of shaping space and function in the landscape: landform and planting design. Landform: Essential techniques for shaping the land were explored, with a particular focus on incorporating grading strategies into the site design process. Students explored a variety of techniques and applications for designing and documenting the grading process. Planting Design: The course considered key principles of designing with plants in the landscape. Plants were introduced as members of plant communities and components of particular ecologies. Field trips including hands on activities such as tree climbing and surveying topography with a dumpy level at the HKU Kadoorie Centre, and mulching recently planted saplings of a hillside afforestation programme at Ark Eden on Lantau form an integral part of this course. The course also included some landscape representation techniques including life and plant drawing, contour plans and sections, and visualizations of the impact of tree planting in urban street environments.

Enlarge Photo: Reading week retreat, Sha Lo Wan.Enlarge Photo: Mulching tree seedlings, Mui Wo.Enlarge Photo: Establishing spot levels, HKU Kadoorie Center.Enlarge Photo: Tree climbing, HKU Kadoorie Center.Enlarge Photo: Street before and after. By LAM Hoi Ying Grace.Enlarge Photo: Street before and after. By LAM Hoi Ying Grace.Enlarge Photo: Life drawing. By CHUI Kei Ching Maisy.Enlarge Photo: Topographic representation. By PANG Wai King Vicky.