Landscape Systems

PDLA Course (2018-19)

Related Staff : Vincci MAK

This course introduces landscape as a dynamic assemblage of geological, hydrological, pedagogical, and biological systems in continuous interaction with natural (climate, ecology) and human factors (society, economy, urbanization). It introduces the science, as well as the related conceptual frameworks, that underpin the creation and management of landscapes. The course also explores the specific relationships between humans and their natural environment within the case-study landscapes of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. The course provides a foundation for ‘reading’ landscapes and ultimately for assessing their specific qualities and functions, as well as providing more general critical reflection on oft-used terms in practice today such as sustainability, performance, productivity, and resilience. Classes are often held on site to gain practical and experiential knowledge in the field.

Enlarge Photo: Waste Transfer and Disposal in Island West. By PANG Wai King Vicky.Enlarge Photo: Waste Transfer and Disposal in Island West. By PANG Wai King Vicky.
Enlarge Photo: Student work.Enlarge Photo: Stormwater and Flood Control in Sheung Wan. By WONG Nok Yan.Enlarge Photo: Pok Fu Lam Reservoir. By WONG Sze Lee.Enlarge Photo: Interlinking Hybrid of Commercial and Residential in Taikoo Shing. By LAM Hoi Ying Grace.