MLA Thesis Section 7 2017-18

Related Staff : Maxime Decaudin

Students: LAI So Man Bethany; LAW Wai Yan Natalie; LI Xiaoyu Kitty; ZHANG Maihan Mohan

Course Code: 7299
Course Title: MLA Thesis Section: Reading the landscape

The word “landscape” possesses so many meanings and is open to so much interpretation that it often becomes difficult for landscape architects to define with precision the object and the limits of their interventions, both spatially and disciplinarily. In this stream students are encouraged to approach the making of places through a qualitative and in-depth reading and understanding of landscapes. Indeed, paying careful attention to sites and their many layers (from daily users to history and ecology) generates meaningful design interventions, however radical they might be, which achieve greater precision, balance and relevance. Potential topics include: 1 Landscape as a palimpsest / hypertext 2 The everyday landscape 3 Landscape and memory / identity 4 Landscape as a cultural construction 5 Sense of place / symbolic landscape Students in this stream should expect to become familiar with the work and writings of landscape architects with similar design approach and should identify sites that can be directly experienced and studied.