Entangled Futures: Designing (Post)human Landscape

Landscape Design Studio III B (2018-19)

Related Staff : Merve Bedir

The technological transformation of the Earth has been a trigger for major shifts in working, living, and leisure conditions for the (post)human. The landscape is monitored and cultivated from the sky, it is dug apart to extract the fundamental materials and minerals, transportation technologies and artificial intelligence enable new modes of circulation, of people, things, and information around it. How do these new conditions influence the city and the nature, and our bodily experience and perception of landscape and public space? How do/will/should the landscape designers intervene in this formation? From automated kitchens to robotic arms, agricultural drones, bitcoin warehouses and satellite imagery, the spatial arrangements and protocols that are the result of implementations of technology challenge the material and immaterial conditions of daily life, and the conventional landscape requirements. Under the premise that technology influences the design, configuration, and use of Planet Earth, this studio researched the emerging landscapes, which are engendered and afforded by a variety of use of technologies with spatial implications, and developed landscape design proposals in Lok Ma Chau Loop, with a critical view on technology. The aim of the studio was to examine, challenge, and respond to the material and immaterial condition of the current technological reality, as designers engaged in landscape architecture.

Enlarge Photo: Border Management at LMCL. By Group Work.Enlarge Photo: Swamps + Plant Species at LMCL. By Group Work.Enlarge Photo: River + Water Management at. By Group Work.Enlarge Photo: Agri-Tech and Enlarge Photo: Responsive Landscape. By XU Jiangyin.Enlarge Photo: Automated Dairy Farm. By TSANG Yik Ming Yammi.Enlarge Photo: Kinetic and Adaptive Landscape. By DUAN Wenlin.Enlarge Photo: Redefine the Land. By LAM Sau Chin.Enlarge Photo: Marine Garbage Recycling Landscape. By PAN Naijin.Enlarge Photo: Unmanned Logistics. By TAN Sisi.