Open-Air Museum

Introduction to Landscape Design Studio (2018-19)

Related Staff : Andres Delpon, Vincci MAK

Assistants: Wong Oi Ling Ellena

This “Introduction to landscape studio” focuses on grasping the fundamental design skills. The topic of the design project is “Open-Air Museum”, in which you are to design a landscape space to host an art piece. Students began the design exercise by (P1) studying and learning about the art piece assigned, as well as the philosophy and approach this particular artist adopts(ed). Topography is an important element to a landscape project. In the second phase (P2), students were asked to conceptualize their understanding of the terrain, using languages and operations in the design profession. Continuing with the study of terrain, students then eased into learning how spatial concepts can be applied to a landscape as design interventions. Students used simple landscape operation techniques to engage in (P3) conceptual interventions on/in/with a landscape that will eventually derive compositions, datum, proportions, and hierarchies of spaces. In the precedent studies exercise (P4), students learned from a set list of landscape projects to see how landscape architects develop their work with the theme of art and/or with a terrain. In the next phase, students brought back conceptual understandings of the art piece learned from P1, and used their intervention technique learned from P3, to engage it to the site. Students also embraced their terrain understanding from P2, their references gained from precedents studies in P4, and the design of space for this “Open-Air Museum”(P5) . The spatial design of the “Open-Air Museum” not only should relate to the art piece it is hosting, it should also consider how visitors interact with the space with appropriate scale understandings. Human scales and articulations in dimensions are to be explored.

Enlarge Photo: Research spread (P1). By MAK Sum Yuet.Enlarge Photo: Research spread (P1). By CHAN Wing Han Penny.Enlarge Photo: Frame and mesh (P2). By CHAN Wing Han Penny.Enlarge Photo: Conceptual model (P3). By TO Cheuk Hei.Enlarge Photo: Conceptual model (P3). By FONG Joyce.Enlarge Photo: Plan (P5). By LEUNG Chung Fai Anson.Enlarge Photo: Sketch and plan (P5). By  LI Ho Lok Klaus.Enlarge Photo: Axonometric drawing (P3). By CHEANG Yuk Ching Sarah.Enlarge Photo: Model (P5). By LI Ho Lok Klaus.Enlarge Photo: Diagram (P5). By TO Cheuk Hei Agnes.Enlarge Photo: Diagram and axonometric drawing (P5). By FONG Joyce.Enlarge Photo: Diagrams (P5). By YOUNG Hoi Yan Sabrina.Enlarge Photo: Axonometric drawing (P5). By TSE Pui Hei Anson.