Introduction to Landscape Design Studio

Introductory Studio (2017-18)

Related Staff : Jutta Kehrer, Maxime Decaudin

Course Code: 2101

As an introduction to the forthcoming five studios of the program, this course aims at equipping students with the fundamental tools of design by achieving three objectives. First, it offers the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge through the understanding of scale, measurements, body and movement. Second, an accumulative series of assignments guide the students through the design process, allowing them to get familiar with its iterative nature. Finally, this studio encourages students to make new links between a wide range of inspirations, acquired knowledge and per-sonal intuition, in order to stimulate their creativity. Students were able to observe, experience and engage in subjective and objective analysis of their sites in order to generate individual design concepts which later translate into small scale spatial designs. The sites selected for this studio are not delimited by a clear perimeter or area but consist of an easily identifiable landscape element: a tree. Throughout the semester, a series of banyan wall trees simultaneously became the sites and the main characters of students’ design outcome. Informed by the pluri-disciplinary study of a tree as a potential design site, the conceptual and textual qualities of the manifesto are used as a tool to generate a design concept. As a creative translation of the design concept into a usable space and based on simple human body movements, simple landscape architecture typologies have been associated with different trees, and assigned to each student.

Enlarge Photo: Photograph of Site Design Model. By MA On Ki.Enlarge Photo: Photograph and Description of Site Design Model. By MA On Ki.Enlarge Photo: Photo Impression of Neighborhood Identity. By SONG Ziqi.Enlarge Photo: Photo Impression of Neighborhood Identity. By WANG Chu Rong.Enlarge Photo: Collage Section of Site Design. By CHAN Sze Wah Naomi.Enlarge Photo: Photo of Site Design Model. By CHAN Sze Wah Naomi.Enlarge Photo: Desk Crit.Enlarge Photo: Final Review.