Landscape Planning Studio: Open Air Museum

Introductory Studio (2015-16)

Related Staff : Maxime Decaudin, Vincci MAK

In this first design studio, students based their initial work on their understanding of landscape representation and abstraction previously acquired through first year courses. The design exercise begins with the study of an art piece, as well as the particular philosophy and approach adopted by its artist. Student’s own interpretation of the art piece was illustrated through an abstract painting which in turn set the conceptual framework for the project – an “Open-Air Museum”. In this “Open-Air Museum”, each student was assigned a fixed volume of space, in which to form and construct the topography and space, in order to host the art piece given in the first exercise. The conceptualized forms and shapes of space derived from the ideas of the art piece, or the philosophy of the artist. In this conceptual stage, students generated multiple iterations of concept models, in order to brainstorm a wide range of possibilities and ways of approach design. For each of these iterations, 5 study models were presented at a time, so that feedback and critique helped develop and refine the design. Once the concept is refined, student moved to the spatial design stage, in which they explored various landscape operations to define compositions, datum, proportions, and hierarchies, appropriate for human use and scale. Designs were further articulated through the exploration of landscape qualities. Aspects of how planting and materials will enhance the experience of the space were explored. The understanding of these aspects are then represented in different rendering media such as collage and sketches, so as to prepare students to present their work at final review. The four projects in this studio are sequential, inter-related, and accumulative. They should be conducted with expectation to carry over the knowledge acquired from one project to another.


Enlarge Photo: Art piece study and abstract painting / MAK Sui Hin
Enlarge Photo: Art piece study and abstract painting / CHOW Hui To
Enlarge Photo: Concept models (from left to right, top: “cave”, “pipes”, “tunnels”, “desert” and “volcano”; bottom: “navigate”, “direction” and “lost”) / FUNG Tsz Ki
Enlarge Photo: Concept models (top: concept models, bottom: study models titled from left to right “tension”, “peace” and “conflict”) / WONG Oi Ling
Enlarge Photo: Midterm class size “Open-Air Museum” Enlarge Photo: Final design, plans and sections / Max LEE Jung Bin
Enlarge Photo: Final design, models / Max LEE Jung Bin
Enlarge Photo: Final design, plans and sections / Sandra NWE Saw Yu
Enlarge Photo: Final design, models / Sandra NWE Saw Yu
Enlarge Photo: Final presentation