Project Post-Expo Riverfront

Landscape Design Studio 4 (2017-18)

Related Staff : Tiger Lin

Course Code: 4701

The goal of the studio seeks to develop an understanding of urban development in history by taking the World EXPO site in Shanghai, to discover the hidden factors driving the changes of the site before and after the big event, and to develop a projection of its future development. The site of the event is between the Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge region in the center of Shanghai along both sides of the Huangpu River. By finding their significant elements in urban developments, students are asked to translate the findings in photos and critical mapping to understand man-made infrastructure and natural system, and continue to develop their exploration of issues derived from the observation.The structure of the studio includes observation, translation, and generation. Students are asked to complete the three sessions of practice to develop a thorough thinking and examining process for urban issues, and to engage with the design and planning of an urban regeneration strategy based on the research and analysis.

Enlarge Photo: By SUN Jingyu Cecilia.Enlarge Photo: By SUN Jingyu Cecilia.Enlarge Photo: By LI Aijing Jane.Enlarge Photo: Project Post-Expo Riverfront 4