In Between the Collective and the Individual: Co-designing with Multiple Communities in Shek Kip Mei

Landscape Design Studio 3 (2020-21)

Related Staff : Yin-Lun Chan, Pat Xiao

The fourth BA(LS) design studio intends to introduce students to the core concepts of community design through research, dialogue, and design production. As an introduction to community design methods, the design process emphasizes the necessity to understand the complex and dynamic nature of communities; the development of empathy and trust; the application of appropriate tools and sensitive approaches to design together with the stakeholders and create designs that cater to the different needs of the many different parties involved; and finally, the consideration of programme and the different types of boundaries and gradual transitions between varying degrees of publicness among different community spaces. The principles of community design will be applied to the Shek Kip Mei area, which is the first public housing neighbourhood in Hong Kong. Over the years, the Shek Kip Mei Estate has been redeveloped several times since its first appearance as resettlement housing as an aftermath of the 1953 Shek Kip Mei fire. The study area of this studio covers the larger Shek Kip Mei area roughly defined by Tai Po Road, Cornwall Street, Nam Shan Estate, and the Tai Hang Tung Estate (refer to Studio Map). The area is defined by two hills, a general topography that slopes up towards the northern direction and characterised by a predominantly public housing landscape that is situated between the private developments of Shamshuipo and Kowloon Tong.

Enlarge Photo: Shek Kip Mei 2040. By WONG Hon Ting Bryan.Enlarge Photo: Case study. By CHAN Cheuk Yin, CHAN Chun Yin, LEE Kai Chi, MOK Kai Fung.Enlarge Photo: Planning charette.Enlarge Photo: Planning charette.Enlarge Photo: Site analysis. By CHUNG Sum Yuet, CHUNG Won Seok, LEE Yin Ching, WONG Hon Ting Bryan.Enlarge Photo: Site analysis. By CHEUNG Man Huen Jodie, CHEUNG Tsz Yui Edelweiss, LEUNG Yik Chung Baron.Enlarge Photo: Site analysis. By CHUNG Won Seok.Enlarge Photo: Model. By LEE Yin Ching Athena.Enlarge Photo: Harvesting community. By Lam Tsz Kiu.Enlarge Photo: Public housing ecosystem strategy. By HO Dai Rong Heather.