BALS Studio 2 2017-18

Related Staff : Melbourne, Scott Jennings , Leven, Elizabeth Patricia

Students: CHANG Gengjiaqi Silvia; CHAU Li Yin Sabrina; CHEANG Brian; FAN Lixue Dianna; FUNG Yan Angelica; HUI Ling Hang Janice; KOO Cheuk Ling Charlene; LAM Hoilok Heather; LAU Pui Ki Nicole; LAW Kwong Wa; LEE Choi Ching; LEUNG Shui-kay Kerry; LI Hao Lin Tred; LI Tsui Tung; MAK Ka Lun Jacky; NG Hei Ting Anna; NG Kwok Jing James; TANG Chun Wah Richard; TONG Si Yu Yuki; WONG Caraccioli Brandon; WONG Wing Yin Angel; WONG Yuen Shan Candice

Course Code: 3101
Course Title: Landscapes of Flux and Demand

The dynamism of landscape may conventionally be relegated to considerations of vegetative growth and decay, human uses, seasonal change and the like, but every site of terra firma is built upon geological conditions that are themselves in flux. With the logarithmic distancing of geologic- and human-timescales, such change can remain largely invisible to most observers. In unique conditions where grounds are vulnerable to erosive weathering, however, such change can have a desirable legibility that draws in users and creates a self-feeding loop of erosion and attraction. This studio focuses on exploring the consequences of landscapes being simultaneously places of flux and yet also in demand. During the course of the semester students: relate in-person observations with more conventional research findings to build determinate representations of dynamic systems; investigate strategies for how design has engaged with biophysical systems in case study sites; map spatial consequences of competing land use goals and, ultimately, develop design propositions that draw from preceding analysis and projection and take the form of specific site-scaled interventions. As the third landscape design studio for BA(LS) students, this class advances individual’s skills in computer drafting and design representation, with a particular emphasis on the development of accurately scaled drawings.