Landscape, Biophysics

Landscape Design Studio 2 (2016-17)

Related Staff : Gavin Coates, Matthew Pryor

In this studio we explored the physical and biological elements and systems that make up our world, and the forces that shape them. In particular, we sought to understand how they interact and how they change over time. While examining them, we worked out best ways to describe and represent them, graphically. This gave a basis for manipulating them (by design), and understanding the likely consequences of any changes. To do this we investigated two environments: one mostly natural (Pokfulam Valley) and one largely man-made (Queens Road, HK). We studied the nature of the elements and processes within each, and the commonalities and differences between them. In each place students proposed an intervention. In the natural environment they looked to modify it to allow for human occupation, in the man-made environment they look to re-introduce natural elements and make occupation by humans easier. Through these interventions they were able to understand the fundamental relationship between nature and man. Some of the models and design from the final assignment were exhibited as part of the ‘Liveability of Design’ Exhibition held at HKSAR Central Government Offices in September 2017.

Enlarge Photo: Pokfulam valley, A natural landscape / HUI Chun Sing
Enlarge Photo: A rock face retreat in Pokfulam valley / HUI Chun Sing
Enlarge Photo: Soil and rock, Pokfulam valley / NWE Saw Yu
Enlarge Photo: Intervention in Queen's Road Central / SUN Jingyu
Enlarge Photo: Intervention in Queen's Road Central / SUN JingyuEnlarge Photo: Landscape, Biophysics 6