Body and Object

Landscape Design Studio 1A (2020-21)

Related Staff : Andres Delpon

The studio works as a design primer, and as such, it introduces students for the first time to the elements and principles of design. Small scale objects and the spatial relations we establish with them formed the basis of our work. Three projects were proposed. The first exercise took students to explore familiar streets and their objects through the lens of a designer. Random walks inspired by the situationists’ derives were performed. Students represented their walks and chosen objects or situations through diagrams, photography, and drawing. The second exercise took students to play with origami-like structures. Following a set of given constraints, they transformed a piece of cardboard into a three-dimensional object; an object with no assigned use. The resulting useless object was then transformed by linking it to a function borrowed from one of the objects found in their previous walks. Finally, students worked on a site-specific intervention. Taking Bernard Tschumi’s follies as a starting point, students proposed 12 structures to host a temporary aviary on the Peak. The project, called micro-follies, continued to explore matters such as human scale, movement, and perception in space.

Enlarge Photo: Diagram. By WONG Hei Yuet Anna.Enlarge Photo: Model. By WONG Hei Yuet Anna.Enlarge Photo: Model. By CO Sam Wendell Chen.Enlarge Photo: Original follie model. By KUAN Pui Shan Kimmy.Enlarge Photo: Process diagram. By LAI Man Ching Ruby.Enlarge Photo: Plan and elevations. By TSUI Tsz Shan Iris.Enlarge Photo: Vigenettes. By TSUI Tsz Shan Iris.Enlarge Photo: Vigenettes. By LAW Lok Tung Vanessa.