Stop and see. Then walk.

Landscape Design Studio 1A (2019-20)

Related Staff : Andres Delpon, Vincci MAK

The content and the flow of the course emphasized the understanding of body and object and the relations that can be found between them. Four main projects and a preliminary exercise were proposed. Pre-positions was a preliminary exercise where students had to explore their own physical presence in relation to a number of mundane objects that define our everyday streetscape. Relationships between body and object were documented through the use of digital photography. In origami, a set of rules were provided for students to deliver a three dimensional object. Physical operations such as cutting, slotting, and folding were performed on a sheet of paper and later modeled and re-drawn digitally. In sitting object students had to scale up their origami exercises, turning them into objects that allow users to rest. In Site, students were introduced to an imaginary site that contains elements such as trees, hedges, water, boulders, and walls with A/C units. Students were asked to apply further modifications to their objects in order for them to become site specific and respond to their environs. Finally, in Site Walk, students had to imagine (and negotiate) a walking path from their assigned position on site to another position of one of their classmates. The focus this time was on experience and the changing landscape qualities, while making use of representation techniques such as collages, plans, and experiential sections.

Enlarge Photo: Prepositions. By KWOK Wai Yan Zora.Enlarge Photo: Paper Fold Study Models. By LAI Man Ki Maisy.Enlarge Photo: Axonometric View. By LI Huitong Lydia.Enlarge Photo: Axonometric View. By LI Ziyuan Lena.Enlarge Photo: Exploded Axonometric View. By MOON Joonseong Tim.Enlarge Photo: Site Walk: Experiential Section. By CHAU Ngai Tung Bobo.Enlarge Photo: Site Walk: Plan. By LI Ziyuan Lena.Enlarge Photo: Axonometric View and Diagram. By LEUNG Wing Yan Kitty.Enlarge Photo: Axonometric View. By LAI Man Ki Maisy.Enlarge Photo: Site Walk: Vignettes. By LI Huitong Lydia.