Kelp Kinetics

Related Staff : Dennis Cheung

Student: Wong Chun Yan Oscar & Ma Matthew Tsun Tik
Supervisor: Dennis Cheung

The over reliance of conventional materials amidst the climate crisis is a prevalent topic in all scales of design. Modern designers have seen this as an opportunity to explore and experiment with novel materials to find a solution to the unsustainable trajectory of the industry.

“Kelp Kinetics” is the exploration of seaweed as an alternative material, where experiments were conducted to understand its properties, inherent strengths and weaknesses. A material system of structural joinery, sewing and lightning was developed through iterations and testing.

The table was designed as a demonstration of the kelp’s dynamic nature to the environment and through selectively controlling its environment, designers are able to steer the material to a desired material property for their design. Kelp, depending on its moisture content, can be treated as a rigid structure, a flexible leather textile and a diffuser of light.

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