Year 3 Studio
Museum X – Materiality & Technology in Architectural Design 2.0; Exercise 2: Site analysis + Program Brief development

Project Intro:

The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA) seeks to achieve with their development, a lasting impact of the quality of culture in Hong Kong. One of their main ideas is to foster organic growth of culture and to become a cultural hub for attracting and promoting talent while also stimulating and improving the quality of urban life through culture. Since this studio takes on the approach to implement only a minor complex into the existing fabric of the city, we have to ask ourselves what could be the content and organization most suitable and promising to initiate a cultural change on a limited plot of land. To start this debate the second exercise will turn its focus on a coherent site and context analysis and the development of a programmatic response and vision for it.

Project Aims:

The site for the project “Harcourt Garden” is imbedded in the heart of Hong Kong and situated between Admiralty and Wanchai. The aim of this exercise is to achieve not only a critical understanding of the local condition and constraints of the site but also a deeper comprehension of the social, political and cultural context of Hong Kong. A cultural institution has to be part of its society and has to fit into its environment. Hence the aim is to develop a clear vision and strategy that response to the local conditions. While each student should develop his or her own vision about the content and programmatic brief for the museum everyone has to incorporate the following spaces into the design proposal.