Wild Massing

Related Staff : David Erdman

Studio Instructor: David Erdman

Projects and Students:
Mass Seepage by Leung Wai Hung Raymond and Yu Man Fung Jonathan;
Enchanted Massing by Chan Yat Ning Chester and Tang Wai Kwong Danny;
Interdigitated Massing by Oram Alessandra and Di Canossa Claudia;
Compressive Massing by Kwok Hei Mun Anthea and Fan Chun Wing Eunice;
Involuted Massing by Doo Ka Wai Jason and Wong Tatlai;
Aerated Massing by Kong Man Fung Stephen, Ng Yee Chung Ben and Wong Chi Shing Terrance.

Using Piranesi’s Appian Way as a spring board, Wild Massing placed its emphasis on urban scale massing for a 250 room resort-hotel in one of the densest parts of Hong Kong; Wanchai. Through Piranesi’s lens, the studio re-evaluated contemporary themes of sustainability that pit form against the temporal, wild against the natural. Physically and culturally the site allowed students to explore innovative methods development in Hong Kong; a city that otherwise partitions built development from park management.Projects specifically explored wild massing – massing which sees all substances (air, water, light, people, concrete and glass) as qualities, weights and densities that can be massed. The site in Wanchai rich with history, ruin and jungle allowed the students to work with multiple types of mass. The focus was to bridge the discursive regimes of Landscape and Architecture. Vegetal, pneumatic, hydraulic and luminous mass were modeled and manipulated along with architectural mass through numerous study models and drawings throughout the semester. Distinctions between methods of massing were diminished through a variety of drawings, digital and physical models that allowed students to consider these types of mass would interact with one another.Projects explored various aspects of embracing the wild such as “aeration”, “involution”, “compression”, “seepage”, among others. Each helped to add the (ing) to mass as well as understanding design methods for activating mass an agent. An agent which can instigate ecologies of inhabitation and speciation on the site.

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