Trigger(Arch): Reality Game

Related Staff : Christian Lange

Student: Lo Wai Kin, Eric
Supervisor: Mr. Christian Lange

Over the years, video games have grown to become more than just a time-wasting escape from reality. Their existence has become more relevant to the built world – and, consequently – the lives of everyone in our modern society. The impact of this vastly growing medium can be divided roughly into three main categories: the expansive use of its Technology, the constant exchange of ideas of Spatial Design between the real and virtual worlds, and its overall Social Impact on society as a medium – which consequently transforms existing physical space. The goal of this study is to produce a catalog of examples of where video games are having significant impact on modern society. Each category is briefly discussed with examples, and a conclusion is drawn for each topic – questions are also posed for the future of architecture.

Enlarge Photo: Axon 01Enlarge Photo: Axon 02Enlarge Photo: Axon 03 with annotationEnlarge Photo: Final render 01 combinedEnlarge Photo: Final render 02 combinedEnlarge Photo: Trigger(Arch): Reality Game 6Enlarge Photo: Trigger(Arch): Reality Game 7