Related Staff : Donn Holohan, Renato Garcia, Ulrich Kirchhoff

Students: Cody Cot, Cyril Leung Hin Yan, Olga Cech, Mandy Ng Hoi Man, Cherie Leona Cheung, Darren Tan Man Tak, Jiang He Jia, Tang Yu Chan, Liane Cheung, Eric Ng Siu Cheong

Architectural space and structure are symbiotic in a building. However structure is the domain of engineers has lost its relevance as an imminent design tool for architects. In the contemporary production of architecture, structural models merely solve problems of the shape of architecture. The studio studied the spatial and design potentials of structure, becoming the driver of concept and space and the resulting spatial opportunities. The studio challenged the high rise typology and it’s predominant podium-tower configuration and specifically investigated the idea of structural transfer.

The studio was a single term research and design project. The project was a hybrid structure on HKU campus, built over the existing heritage building of UMAC. The new structure was not allowed to touch the existing building. However, full air rights were be granted. The program was framed in terms of two structurally opposing conditions: A generic mass program and a specific site related program. The proposed project was a single highrise structure of 150m. The purpose was to explore the structural transfer between two opposite programs.

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