Territorial Sea | Island Infrastructure

Econology of The Coastline Trajectory #2

Related Staff : Valerie Portefaix

Keywords: Networked ecologies, Border infrastructure, Territorial sea, Island laboratory, Subsistance, Architectural ethnography, Coastal landscape, Seasons, tides and moon

With more than 250 islands, mostly uninhabited, and fifty percent of the territory composed of water, Hong Kong has the potential to reinvent a positive future where human economies are rebalanced with new territorial ecologies. In this context, islands are fragments of land that are barely used, or rather, their various forms of occupation have often been kept secret by the successive Hong Kong governments. Rehabilitation center for drug addicts, low-nuclear waste management plant, isolated refugee camps, islands have since long been used for hosting the leftover of our societies.

The main objective of the studio is to reterritorialize those forgotten or invisible territories by defining a liquid trajectory starting from Cape d’Aguilar and HKU Marine biology department, passing through Stanley to join the Po Toi Islands. Those various sites opportunities should allow the development of multiple possible futures, beyond simple capitalistic and other materialistic perspective.

Enlarge Photo: Leung Mei SeeEnlarge Photo: Leung Mei SeeEnlarge Photo: Leung Mei SeeEnlarge Photo: Leung Mei SeeEnlarge Photo: Leung Mei SeeEnlarge Photo: Territorial Sea | Island Infrastructure 6