Spatial Density

Related Staff : Michael Kokora

As a continuation of last semester, this studio will explore spatial and structural innovation through model making as a form of spatial research.  The work produced last semester is considered “collective research” and may be appropriated and critically reassessed by anyone in the studio. We will begin the semester by first looking at this “collective research as making” and use it as a spring board for projects throughout the semester. The studio will be divided into 3 parts, with 3 reviews.

The first part of the studio will work through a critical reassessment of last semester and production of new ideas. Any spatial technique, material, method may be used by anyone in the studio, which may or may not include the original maker. Exquisite corpse’s are possible from working with another student’s project, as are new experiments. This is done in part to integrate new students to the studio and part to critically reassess past work. The second part of the studio will respond to the first review and allow freedom for further experimentation before entering the third part of the studio and design development.

Emphasis will be on how density manifests internally and how the tall building relates to density externally and testing how new spatial/structural conditions can perform to those ends. The studio will work intensively in physical model form (sketch/concept/presentation). The models will eventually be sectional (in one or more axis) and can be photographed and collaged or drawn on top of where drawings help illustrate particular ideas. No renderings or computer generated images will be used, only physical models, photographic reproductions, and collage will be used where needed to describe an idea.

Enlarge Photo: Cheung Ka Wah FrancisEnlarge Photo: Cheung Ka Wah FrancisEnlarge Photo: Huang XinliuEnlarge Photo: Huang XinliuEnlarge Photo: Huang XinliuEnlarge Photo: Huang XinliuEnlarge Photo: Huang Xinliu